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From the very beginning SIMA focused its main activity on the production of traditional Red Unglazed Quarry tile. The entrepreneurial passion of those who led it combined with the competence and skill of its technicians and workers have led SIMA to a success that has lasted for more than 60 years.
Red Quarry, which is no longer in production since 2021, will remain forever in the annals of the history of Sassuolo ceramics as a SIMPLE, STRONG, RESISTANT and INIMITABLE product.
These characteristics have forged the character and the MISSION of SIMA Ceramiche, which continues its work of customer service by researching new fl oor and wall covering products to meet all the needs of those willing to build or renovate their home with elegance, originality and a sense of taste at the right price.

Sima is a family-run business. Young, resourceful, quick in making decisions and essential in choosing the best products.

SIMA ceramics are selected from among the most solid and performing both in terms of texture and character. Being known throughout Italy and in many countries worldwide, SIMA is a brand of international reliability.

Sima offers its customers ceramics that defy time, wear, weather conditions with their high quality and captivating design that is always in step with current trends.

The SIMA style stands out for its concreteness, versatility in taste and customer care, offering and studying the best services according to different needs. Visiting our showroom in Maranello will be an opportunity to discover our historic hospitality!