New Legno Vintage collection for floors and walls

Legno Vintage 30,8×61,5 is the new and unreleased collection in porcelain tile for floorings and coatings and it’s recently available at SIMA Ceramiche. This material, as we know, is compact and durable and it stands for its composition, which uses the purest matters (minerals, clay,…) and natural colors. This new collection for floorings revives wood essences and it’s available in a handy size and in two color tones: grey and beige.

Legno Vintage is available for coatings with 20×60 size and in three different color tones: grey, beige and white, combined with their decorations. Suitable for bath and kitchen, Legno Vintage is able to transform enviroments in authentic sites, where present and past blend perfectly.

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Legno Vintage 30,8×61,5 Legno Vintage 20×60